Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fitness Coaching: Am I Just Like the Rest?

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Freedom found in fitness and understanding my gifts

I don't want to be another cliche.
I want my spirit to awaken others to NEW things, unheard of things, things locked deep within their souls that come blasting out like trumpet sound, barreling like a stampede of wild horses with manes tangled by the wind, like a blues-y song erupting from the throat of the wanderer.
I don't want to be like anyone else. But sometimes I'm afraid to be me. Me - flawed, yet forgiven; disorganized, yet motivated; sometimes-angsty, yet oh-so-loving. Me.
But I'm learning to love the person whom God is calling me to be. I love her (me) because she is crafted by His hand. I am loved, and so are you.
I want to motivate you to be you, unabashed, unfiltered, raw, and in all your splendor. I want to learn from you, to grow alongside you, to pray with you.
When people hear "Fitness Coach" they may get an idea in their heads. I know I do! I don't want to fit the mold. I reject that there's a mold at all! I am not lean and cut with an eternal tan, sculpted muscles, and perfect eating habits. And I don't think it's fair to assume that about anyone in the coaching world.
I am servant-hearted, leader-minded, and relentless in the pursuit of love. I believe my body is a temple, and that when I take care of the house of the Spirit, the Spirit is safe to express itself to others. I believe God cares about this immensely. Being sick is a distraction, being overweight hinders our energies and abilities to reach others. Hating our own bodies detracts from our willingness to go out and love on others.
No. I am not a cliche, and neither are you. We are free to be all that God calls us to be. 
May we keep our eyes on Him as He shapes us (pun intended? hehe) to the woman or man He intends for us to be.
You are unique. You are a wonder.

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